Welcome to Malaysia bird forum. It is the premier bird forum and the first in Malaysia. Malaysia bird forum have lots of information and discussion about bird, pet birds, parrots, softbill, bird breeder, ketitir, dove, zobra dove, cockatiel, macaw, african grey, cockatoos, budgerigar, parakeet, lovebird, loris and lorikeet, amazon parrot, caique, ringneck parakeet, conure, bayan, burung hantu, burung helang, bird flu, bird flu malaysia, malaysia bird flu, bird flu gombak, bird flu penang, bird flu perak and many more. I also will discuss about breeding asian fairy blue bird. It is a totally protected bird in malaysia, but I am going to breed the asian fairy blue bird (irena puella). Malaysia bird forum also discuss about bird of prey - burung helang in malaysia.

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